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The East Coast ParaCon, The Truth is Out There, is organized by the Queens County Museum and Crossed Over Paranormal Society.

Queens County Museum

Nova Scotia has a long and rich history, beginning with the aboriginal Mi’kmaq people. In 1759, Liverpool was settled by New England Planters (colonists). Throughout the years the people of Queens County have recorded many stories of Privateering, forestry, fishing, shipbuilding and merchant shipping. Simeon Perkins’ diary, considered one of the our most significant historical documents, provides a detailed record of daily life in the early years of the county.

The Queens County Museum is the keeper of the County’s history housing many of its historical and cultural artifacts. Located at 109 Main Street in Liverpool, the museum was built in the style of a large colonial-era warehouse, similar to what could have been found in Liverpool 200 years earlier. It sits adjacent to the Simeon Perkins House Museum - the oldest house in the Nova Scotia Museum Collection.

Like most museums today, we are outgrowing our collection. Therefore we are working towards building an expansion to our Museum.  This new expansion will house three large new permanent exhibits:

Queens County Museum

  • Sports in Queens County
  • the Black Heritage of Queens County
  • Period Costume Gallery

We are proud to partner with the Crossed Over Paranormal Society in hosting the East Coast ParaCon.

Website: http://www.queenscountymuseum.com

Crossed Over Paranormal Society

Crossed Over paranormal Society Members

We are a group of 9 Paranormal Investigators. Our mission is to be professional, keep all information confidential, to research and present evidence from all investigations or queries.  Our goal is to educate and give peace of mind to all we have the pleasure of encountering.  We are pleased to work with the Queens County Museum on this annual event.  This is the birthplace of the Crossed Over Paranormal Society. 

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/eastcoastparaconference/

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